Chief Medical Officer's Welcome To Recently Joining Members

To our recently enrolled members, welcome and congratulations on your effort to escape the third-party healthcare payment system where somebody else pays the bill, e.g., an insurance company, an employer, or the government. This transition is not necessarily easy because most folks have been in the third-party payment system for so long that they have forgotten (or never experienced) what it’s like to make medical care choices based on both quality and price.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Healthsharing

Throughout the course of your enrollment and membership in Liberty HealthShare, you have likely noticed that we use terminology that is specific to our organization and work. There are several reasons we choose to communicate in the way we do.

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Save Time & Money With Telemedicine

The holidays can be hectic. Between parties, hosting family and friends, shopping, cooking, and trying to actually enjoy this time, you’ve got more than enough on your plate. So when you or your child come down with the flu or badly burn a finger trying to make your grandmother’s candy recipe, it can feel like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Liberty Looks Ahead

In this short video, Liberty HealthShare Executive Director Dale Bellis re-establishes our mission and commitment looking ahead.

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Save Money by Telling Your Doctor You Are A Self-Pay Patient

As members of the Liberty HealthShare community, each of us has the responsibility to steward the resources of the entire membership. In order for healthcare sharing to function the way it should, we are duty-bound to try and save money whenever we access the health system. And let’s not be naïve: the health system is out to take all the money it can.

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Confused about Pre-Existing Conditions?

At Liberty HealthShare, we are often asked questions about our guidelines regarding pre-existing conditions. We frequently experience members as well as health care professionals referring to Liberty as insurance. It is important for our members to remember that Liberty is a cost-sharing ministry, not an insurance company. Insurance companies, HMOs, PPOs, and the like have dictated our healthcare options for years. Because we are a healthcare sharing ministry, we are free from insurance! We are free to choose our physician, choose our hospital, and choose our pharmacy. We are in charge of our own healthcare. As members of Liberty HealthShare, we must take the role of stewards who strive to minimize cost for all of our members.

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Sharing—And Therefore Overcoming—The Burdens Imposed By A Political Medical System.

John Hunt, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Giving, not receiving, is what Liberty HealthShare is about.

Liberty HealthShare is creating a system in which voluntarily sharing your resources with others is not limited to your immediate geographic surroundings. Our community is aided by the internet, so you can help others in need anywhere deal with the misfortune of having an illness or injury at a time in history when health care costs are so hyperinflated that the costs are often as destructive as the diseases themselves. In addition to helping ill members with such financial struggles, you can now be part of a process of fixing the problems that caused health care prices to become so ridiculously high.

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Viewpoints From a Naturopathic Physician

Conventional thinking may not be best for YOUR health.

By Dr. Kendra Pearsall

I offer this article as a reminder to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to conventional thinking, usually emerging from academics and bureaucrats, that attempts to treat us all the same way. There are areas of agreement and substantial disagreement among the different types of physicians, as well as individual physicians, regarding the health practices outlined here. As a naturopath, I view the treatment of medical conditions and the maintenance of good health differently than allopaths (conventional medical doctors).

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Health Tips With Sue


How many times have we all said,” There are not enough hours in a day”? Today a family sitting down at the dinner table to enjoy a meal together is almost obsolete. If you have children who are involved in extracurricular activities, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those that have children a typical day may look like this…

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Ear Infection Guidelines: When To See A Specialist

By Elaina George, MD

Ear infections are one of the most common problems for which people go to the doctor to seek medical attention. There are three types of ear infections:

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