What We Talk About When We Talk About Healthsharing

Throughout the course of your enrollment and membership in Liberty HealthShare, you have likely noticed that we use terminology that is specific to our organization and work. There are several reasons we choose to communicate in the way we do.

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Let's Face It: Price Matters

John Hunt, MD

In an era of constantly growing government, what can physicians and patients do to avoid getting abused and poorly treated by our politicized medical system? The answer is simple: NOT what physicians and patients have done for decades.

What physicians did wrong was to stop advocating for their patient’s finances. What patients did wrong was to stop asking how much their care will cost. After all, why bother to ask if some faceless, distant insurance company, or the government, is footing the bill?

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Save Money by Telling Your Doctor You Are A Self-Pay Patient

As members of the Liberty HealthShare community, each of us has the responsibility to steward the resources of the entire membership. In order for healthcare sharing to function the way it should, we are duty-bound to try and save money whenever we access the health system. And let’s not be naïve: the health system is out to take all the money it can.

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How To Decrease Your Medical Costs

By Dr. Kendra Pearsall

People tell us their #1 reason for joining Liberty HealthShare is the cost savings: members report they are saving thousands over previous years' total healthcare expenses. Cost savings is one of the many reasons I LOVE being a member. I tell everyone I know about this wonderful program.

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Video Medicine

A Convenient Telemedicine Platform for Liberty HealthShare Members

Have you checked out Video Medicine yet? We here at Liberty HealthShare strive daily to make accessing medical care simple. This is why we don't have a "network" of physicians to which members must adhere. Video Medicine makes accessing care that much easier whether you are away from home or just don't want the hassle of scheduling an appointment at a doctor's office. Watch and learn how Video Medicine compliments your membership with Liberty HealthShare.

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Revised Guidelines Go Into Effect April 1st

Our Statement of Beliefs is fundamental to our organization and to our Sharing Guidelines. The Sharing Guidelines are an agreement among us all, that we use to steward the resources of all the members, while assuring that each member has the full opportunity to be aware of the standards by which sharing is determined. It is truly essential that you take the time to review and understand our Sharing Guidelines. Doing so will ensure that your expectations are appropriate. The Sharing Guidelines exist for ALL of us, so that we all understand the role medical cost sharing may play in our individual healthcare decisions. They serve as a transparent document that each of us agrees to - a document that assists us all in maintaining the freedom to make our own healthcare decisions.

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Liberty HealthShare And Mobile Membership

Most people dream of retirement. They envision that once the kids are grown, they can sit back and take things a little bit easier. For many that may be true, but for others, more freedom means a new adventure. This past April, one such couple, Liberty HealthShare members Jerry and Sheila Wise, embarked on their new-life journey to become work-campers.

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'GoodRX', A Good Prescription For Cheaper Drugs?

You can price shop pharmaceuticals from what's already in your pocket.

Being in a community of self-pay patients has benefits that can empower you to make decisions that are best for you. Although, one of the things that we have chosen not to share in are the costs of maintenance drugs; those pharmaceuticals that are used on a regular basis to just help you live your life. Which poses the potential problem, "How do I afford those drugs"?

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Self-Pay Patient Tests Liberty HealthShare

A woman used to going it alone, joins a sharing community.

For thirteen years, former South Carolina police officer, Barbara Pulicicchio, had been paying out of pocket for her healthcare costs. Being a self-pay patient with some medical issues, she was finding it difficult to manage the cost of her care. However, one day Barbara began reading a book entitled The Self-Pay Patient written by Sean Parnell, and learned about the cost-sharing concept. This idea intrigued her, so she began searching the internet for organizations who offered medical cost sharing. She discovered Liberty HealthShare. Barbara chose Liberty HealthShare (LHS) as the word “Liberty” reminded her of freedom and our country’s founding.

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Review Of The Self Pay-Patient, A Book By Sean Parnell

Liberty HealthShare members can receive a 20% discount on the paperback version of The Self-Patient. Information is below.

While members of Liberty HealthShare may not see themselves as Self-Pay Patients, in the legal realm of medical payments, that is exactly what we are considered. Sean Parnell, author of the blog TheSelfPayPatient.com and the book The Self Pay Patient, lays out a field guide to the many options available to people who have decided to take the route of the self pay patient. Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, Sean has seen a need to provide a handy guide to people who wish to remove themselves from the system.

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