Join a community that supports your physical and spiritual health!

Looking into Healthcare Sharing Ministries?

Liberty HealthShare provides individuals and families with an affordable way to share medical care expenses in a like-minded community.

In the midst of an increasingly complex and confusing healthcare system, Liberty HealthShare is committed to bringing clarity and peace.

A Time-Tested Program

Liberty HealthShare is not insurance. Since 1995, our parent organization has equipped hundreds of thousands of like-minded, health-conscious individuals and families to take seriously the biblical command to do good and share with others.

Our members commit to five statements covering belief in God, freedom, and ethics, and we seek to support the community through healthy living, wise decisions, and good stewardship.

How Health Sharing Works

Liberty HealthShare is a leader in the growing field of healthcare sharing ministries that offer a different approach to paying for medical care.

Members make an affordable monthly contribution online, which is matched to a medical need within the group. Our large, geographically diverse community commits to supporting each other’s medical expenses after a low annual threshold is met.

Liberty HealthShare offers three different programs to fit members with different resources and circumstances.

Clarity, Transparency, and Growth

Liberty HealthShare operates on a fully transparent, non-profit basis, using biblical principles of stewardship to keep costs low while meeting our commitments to our community.

Unlike other healthcare sharing ministries, Liberty HealthShare provides members with a secure, intuitive online system. We make it simple to see where your monthly share amount goes and check on the status of your shared expenses if the need arises.

Healthcare Sharing Ministries Connecting a Community for Change

From providing low-cost healthcare sharing programs to offering customized support for people working to improve their health, Liberty HealthShare is committed to changing the way people manage the economics of medical care.