Review Of The Self Pay-Patient, A Book By Sean Parnell

Liberty HealthShare members can receive a 20% discount on the paperback version of The Self-Patient. Information is below.

While members of Liberty HealthShare may not see themselves as Self-Pay Patients, in the legal realm of medical payments, that is exactly what we are considered. Sean Parnell, author of the blog and the book The Self Pay Patient, lays out a field guide to the many options available to people who have decided to take the route of the self pay patient. Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, Sean has seen a need to provide a handy guide to people who wish to remove themselves from the system.

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Provisional Member Program-Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

With goals, a time frame, and a push from Sue!

Bill Downey, Provisional Member (Left); Sue Rohr, Liberty HealthShare Health Coach (Right)

One of the beneficial options Liberty HealthShare offers to potential members is the Provisional Membership. Particularly when pre-existing conditions are responsive to lifestyle changes, prospective members have the option to enroll as a provisional member. The Provisional Member submits an additional $80 share amount per month, is assigned a health coach, and follows a personalized treatment plan agreed upon by the member to change and improve their condition. Many Provisional Members have experienced significant life changes and successes.

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