Pre-Existing Conditions And Provisional Membership

Transforming Pre-existing Conditions to Health Conscious Living

Among the top three questions asked about Liberty HealthShare is this one: 'How do you handle pre-existing conditions? Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions with symptoms, medication, or treatment in the past 24 months.

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Liberty HealthShare: Too Good To Be True?

With the new affordable care act now passed into law and in full effect, people are wondering what options they have to pay for their medical costs. One of the options that isn’t talked about in the mainstream is the concept of HealthSharing or medical cost sharing. This option is within the many pages of the ACA, but little is known about it and it IS NOT insurance. Many people are confused as to what medical cost sharing really is and how it works. Let’s start by saying medical cost sharing is legal and has been around for quite some time in the faith based communities. It’s even talked about in the Bible.

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First Annual "Run For Your Health" At The Akron Marathon!

The Liberty HealthShare relay team embarks on a new health challenge

The Liberty HealthShare "Run for Your Health" Team: Brandi Heim, Brandon Fabris, Peter Backer, Executive Director Dale Bellis, and Robyn Hughes.

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