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NOTE: effective May 1, 2017, changes have been made to certain aspects of the way in which Liberty HealthShare handles pre-existing conditions. See section IV. C. 15. of the Sharing Guidelines document for more information. 

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Media Personality Skeptical About Medical Cost Sharing

Last spring, John Daly, an award-winning, internationally-known journalist, news anchor, producer, writer, author, and TV host went from skepticism to belief in the validity of medical cost sharing.

A media analyst and former guest on The Tavis Smiley Show, Daly tuned in one day and heard Smiley interviewing Dr. Elaina George, a board-certified ENT physician from Atlanta, Georgia and Liberty HealthShare member. During the course of the broadcast, Dr. George mentioned cost sharing and Liberty HealthShare in particular. This unique concept stopped Daly in his tracks. He wondered, “What is this?”

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Visiting Your Doctor? What You Need To Know

As a Liberty HealthShare member, what are the steps you should take when seeing your health provider?

What do I do when I go to the Doctor? This question is commonly asked by Liberty HealthShare members. For some, it’s your first time seeing a provider since joining. Others have been members for years but haven’t had a medical need in a long time. We want to be sure you understand what to do when visiting the doctor, from giving the receptionist your member ID card to how the medical bill submission process works, so you can feel at ease when going to your provider of choice.

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