Our "Values Based" Marketplace

How personal values can lead to better healthcare economics.

By Dale Bellis, Liberty HealthShare Executive Director

Recently the New York Times posted an article "Onward Christian, Healthcare" by Molly Worthen. We are so happy to see the media take recognition of healthcare sharing ministries, and the impact that it is having on the American healthcare landscape.

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Make Your Resolutions Stick

Get over the hump, and use these 3 easy steps to achieve your goals.
A new year signals hope, opportunity, and for many, a significant change in life. Some people resolve to lose weight. Others intend to enhance their education. Others vow to quit an addictive habit.

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The Members Have Spoken

Two provisions were voted on for the 2015 guidelines. What changes to the Sharing Guidelines, if any, are coming?

The annual Liberty HealthShare member vote has been counted. Members were asked to vote on two issues.

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