Benefits Of Medical Cost Sharing

As the Affordable Care Act has mandated that all individuals have some sort of health plan, interest in different types of options has increased. Liberty HealthShare is actually not health insurance, but it is medical cost sharing. This type of health care is allowable under the Affordable Care Act. However, there are some things you should understand about how medical cost sharing is different from traditional health care options.

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Reduction In Medical Costs

In the medical world, it seems like costs are always rising. However, there are a few key situations in which costs have actually dropped for individuals. One of these situations is for members of medical cost sharing plans, which are allowable as a healthcare alternative under the Affordable Care Act. Liberty HealthShare members have actually seen their monthly share amount drop by $50 from 2013 to 2014.

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Liberty HealthShare Member Beliefs

Liberty HealthShare and it’s predecessors is a spiritually based group that began in 1988 as a group of Christians who shared end-of-life medical and funeral expenses. Since then, the group has expanded to include a wide range of medical expenses in the costs that may be eligible for sharing. It is not health insurance, but a healthcare alternative that allows individuals to share medical expenses. It is allowable under the Affordable Care Act, and because of that, it has been growing rapidly in recent years.

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Heart Disease And Cold Weather From Sue Rohr

Thank you all for the many suggestions I received for upcoming articles of interest. For March, I chose to address Heart Disease and Cold Weather.

It is very important to know how cold weather affects your heart, especially if you have a cardiovascular disease. People with heart conditions should avoid outdoor exertion, like shoveling snow, and walking through heavy wet snow.

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Self-Pay Patient Tests Liberty HealthShare

A woman used to going it alone, joins a sharing community.

For thirteen years, former South Carolina police officer, Barbara Pulicicchio, had been paying out of pocket for her healthcare costs. Being a self-pay patient with some medical issues, she was finding it difficult to manage the cost of her care. However, one day Barbara began reading a book entitled The Self-Pay Patient written by Sean Parnell, and learned about the cost-sharing concept. This idea intrigued her, so she began searching the internet for organizations who offered medical cost sharing. She discovered Liberty HealthShare. Barbara chose Liberty HealthShare (LHS) as the word “Liberty” reminded her of freedom and our country’s founding.

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Liberty HealthShare Exhibits At CPAC

Why we decided to attend and exhibit at CPAC

The American Conservative Union puts on its Conservative Political Action Conference in our nation’s capital each year. Liberty HealthShare representatives attended this year’s CPAC convention February 25-28, 2015 as exhibitors. While CPAC is a highly charged political event, Liberty HealthShare wants to help influence policy makers and public figures about the needs of healthcare sharing members in a non-partisan, non-political way. Liberty HealthShare especially made inroads with legislators requesting that they give equal status under the law to healthcare sharing for employee benefits, health savings accounts, and self employed deductions.

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How To File Taxes As A Member Of Liberty HealthShare

"Filing my taxes was easy and simple" By Dale Bellis, Executive Director

April 15th is just around the corner. The urgency to get your taxes done is building! The 2014 tax year is the first year where being uninsured will penalize individuals and families. Taxpayers without insurance will have to pay a ‘Shared Responsibility Payment’.

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How To Discuss Liberty HealthShare With Your Doctor

How to effectively present your Liberty HealthShare card to your doctor or hospital

One of the best things about being a member of Liberty HealthShare is that you can visit any doctor, any hospital you choose! If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor with Liberty HealthShare!

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