After All... It's Your Money!

The mindset every member needs to control healthcare costs

Becoming a Liberty HealthShare member is a liberating step. You’ve abandoned bureaucratic insurance and embraced freedom in healthcare. Your status as a self-pay patient sharing medical expenses with others of like mind allows you to access the best medical care available at the lowest cost possible. In addition, you have engaged the most powerful consumer weapon in healthcare: the self-pay patient! You have the twin advantage of a vast community sharing your costs yet you watch over your own expenses as an individual patient. After all, it’s your money! And who is better to watch over your own money than you! But you must preserve this status. Develop a mindset that, in the end, keeps costs low and your healthcare options intact!

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Sue's Health And Wellness Tips

Oh, how wonderful it is to see green grass again, flowers blooming, beautiful sunshine and the feeling of warmth on our skin. Although summer does not officially begin until June 21, those loving, honey producing bees (and their “stinging” relatives) are already on the move.

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