Should You Be Talking To Your Boss About Saving Money?

New Jersey CEO/President finds Liberty HealthShare an ideal fit for employees.

Nearly thirty years ago, a young entrepreneur, named John Wristbridge, started a small service business for retail Point-of-Sale equipment, in the basement of his New Jersey home. Today, the company, JPW Associates, Inc., has grown from a one-man operation to thirty employees. As they continue to partner with businesses as a computer hardware service and data capture company, they continue to grow in the retail, utility, fuel delivery, and field service markets. More recently, JPW Associates, Inc. opened a fulfillment center in Melbourne, Australia to handle the company’s international growth, as well its Australasia clientele.

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Health Tips From Sue - Good Bye Winter, Hello Summer!

Summer has finally arrived! We are all excited that vacation planning has begun. While some families are planning beach activities, others are planning barbecues, reunions, outdoor parties, and hikes in the mountains. While all of these activities are fun, summertime can also mean dehydration, sunburn, exposure to the elements and heatstroke if you are not careful. So, before you take out those swimsuits and hiking boots, here are some tips to help you stay safe.

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Mammography: Does It Do More Harm Than Good?

What Every Woman Needs To Know About Mammograms.

Mammograms are x-rays of the breast that are used in screening for breast cancer. The current conventional medical recommendations are that all women aged 50-74 should get a mammogram every two years in order to screen for breast cancer. However, one of the largest and longest studies of mammography to date, involving 90,000 women followed for 25 years, found that mammograms have absolutely NO impact on breast cancer mortality. In other words, the death rate from breast cancer was virtually identical between those who received an annual mammogram, and those who did not. In fact, the latest research shows that in addition to having little to no diagnostic value, mammograms can actually cause a number of problems:

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A Call To Church Leaders Across The Nation

Liberty HealthShare Executive Director Dale Bellis Speaks at the Future Conference in La Mesa, California.

Representatives of Liberty HealthShare had the privilege of participating in the Future Conference at Skyline Church in La Mesa, California . The Future Conference is a gathering of pastors, church leaders, and Christians interested in discussing difficult topics. It is a four day event, covering over twenty topics.

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