The Power Of Praying For The Sick

Have you ever wondered if praying really works?

We have all received news of a family member, friend, or acquaintance suffering from an illness or injury. Oftentimes, we are asked to pray for the afflicted person’s healing and comfort. Many of us do so gladly, adding a name to our daily prayers, offering a specific plea for intercession or even going the extra mile and encouraging others to pray as well. Have you ever wondered if all this praying works?

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Sue's Health Tips - Stress: Helpful And Harmful

None of us have it, right? I have had several questions over the past couple weeks about stress and how it affects us physically. I thought it would be great topic to write about this month. How can a six-letter word bring so much havoc and turmoil to our lives and health? Or does it? Stress can be spurred by money worries or a health scare. It can be instigated by a traffic jam, disagreement with a partner, demands at work or at school.

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Provisional Program Graduate Is A True Success Story

LHS Health Coaches help member make positive changes in his life

When Crestline, Ohio residents, John and Lora Troiano, heard about Liberty HealthShare, they were happy to learn that the program met the religious exemption under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As self-employed business owners of JLS Surplus, an industrial machinery company, the Troiano’s had to purchase their own medical plan in order to comply under the new healthcare law. They did not want to pay for expensive coverage, so John did some research on affordable health plans when he stumbled upon an article about Liberty HealthShare. Not long after, he and Lora signed up to become members.

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LHS Establishes Physician Review Board

Medical Experts to assist both Liberty HealthShare members and administration.

LHS has asked three of its distinguished members to serve on its newly established Physician Review Board. The three doctors will provide expert advice and counsel on technical and practical medical matters to both sharing members and the LHS administration.

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Sue's Health Tips: Supplements - Fact Or Fiction?

Supplements seem to be quite the topic of conversation lately. Should I take supplements? Are they safe? Ideally, we should be consuming our vitamins and minerals through foods in their whole natural and organic form; however, health professionals may prescribe supplements for a variety of reasons, such as: poor eating habits, the medications we may take can deplete essential nutrients, the way we process and cook our food can lead to nutrient depletion, stress, and disease process. It appears that there is a supplement for any illness that ails us.

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