Who Says You Can't Have Dessert During The Holidays?

Written by Sue Rohr, Health and Wellness Director
Now that November has arrived, we are well in to Pumpkin Madness season. Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes, even pumpkin pasta! Pumpkins are everywhere - especially on the dessert table. No one wants to be left out and there is no need to deprive yourself.

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Refer A Friend!

Refer A Friend to Liberty HealthShare

One of the most rewarding things we at Liberty HealthShare learned in September’s survey was that 30% of our members were referred by a friend or family member. This was a powerful message. We work every day to serve our members. Knowing you are so satisfied with your membership that you will refer people to us confirms we are on the right track.

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Your Child Can Use HealthCare Sharing While Away At College!

John F Hunt, MD

In 2011, the state of Virginia tried to block the Federal government’s overreach by passing a law that made it illegal for any individual to be compelled to purchase health insurance. Unfortunately a loophole was sewn in, one that allowed universities to demand that their students carry health insurance.

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Willington Testimonial

While the Willington's initially expressed an immense amount of uncertainty about their decision to join the Liberty HealthShare ranks, their trepidation turned to relief when they realized the community of members was there to support them and their children. Now, they reciprocate gladly each month when they send their monthly share to another member with expenses to pay. They know the feeling, first hand, when others across the nation extend their personal, financial, and emotional support. Knowing that a community of people have committed themselves to help pay for medical expenses means there is one less thing to worry about! The Willington's will verify that sentiment!

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