Question About Pre-Existing Conditions

Here at Liberty HealthShare, we get a lot of questions about how our Sharing Guidelines address pre-existing conditions. Executive Director Dale Bellis explains our policy in the video below. Take a few minutes to learn why we:

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Diagnosis In Childhood Asthma

John Hunt, MD, FAAAAI

When a child with chronic respiratory symptoms gets diagnosed with asthma, often parents will think, “Finally, I know what is wrong!” That’s a mistaken thought. Asthma is not a diagnosis. Although there is now a name attached, you still don’t yet know what is causing the respiratory problems.
This is important so I will reiterate it: asthma is not a diagnosis. Rather, asthma is dysfunction in your child’s airways that can be caused by any one or more of several dozen very different potential causes. If your child has asthma, it is a reason to go searching for the diagnosis that is causing it.

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Giving Is At The Heart Of Christmas

Giving is at the heart of Christmas. The Bible also says, ‘it is better to give than to receive”.
Giving elevates the spirit and brings significance to the giver. When we give, we change another’s life. Whether it’s our children, a family member, friend or stranger, giving impacts others with joy, gratitude and meaning.

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New Year's Resolutions

Is there a magic formula to setting and then sticking to a New Year's Resolution? Do you have to have super human willpower? Is there any hope for us mere mortals? In short, no, no, and yes! The new year IS a good time to make changes to improve any aspect of your life YOU believe needs improvement. There are ways to increase your odds of success.

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Student Project Becomes Answered Prayer For Couple In Need

Andy and Tiffany Clark are a young couple from Canton, Ohio. Like many young couples, the Clarks began to face financial difficulties due to student loan debt. These difficulties prompted tough decisions as the couple faced the choice between paying healthcare costs or neglecting basic necessities of life such as food and rent. Andy and Tiffany’s faith in God’s provision led them to pray that He would intervene and provide a solution that would meet all of these needs rather than accepting the frightening realities of living without healthcare.

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Stretch At Your Desk!

With cold weather and less sunlight, many of us find it difficult to continue with our warm weather exercise routines. Most of us will find we spend a lot more time sitting - whether it's at work or doing other indoor activities. We found a few stretches that can be repeated during the day that will energize you!

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Meet Provisional Program Graduate Robert K.

“It was never difficult for me to manage the inconvenience of having diabetes. I would not accept complications arising from my disease."

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How To Stay Healthy This Winter

By: Elaina George, MD

The winter months increase the chance of illness. Limited sun exposure and close proximity to others who are sick are two contributing factors. These are natural things you can do to decrease your risk:

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Visit Your Sharebox!

We've put a lot of information in your ShareBox. It's time to learn how to use it.

Your ShareBox account is how we communicate with you, a member of Liberty HealthShare. Every month, we process your account and that information is provided in your ShareBox. Any medical bills you have submitted are recorded there as well. This is where we will leave a message regarding your account. It is also via your ShareBox you learn whose medical bills your Monthly Share Amount was shared with as well as who is sharing with you.

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