Congratulations April HealthTrac Graduates!

Congratulations HealthTrac graduates!

Graduating from HealthTrac means the member has reached the goals set with their Health Coach and has made lifestyle changes that positively impact overall health. Congratulations on your achievement! 

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Revised Guidelines Go Into Effect April 1st

Our Statement of Beliefs is fundamental to our organization and to our Sharing Guidelines. The Sharing Guidelines are an agreement among us all, that we use to steward the resources of all the members, while assuring that each member has the full opportunity to be aware of the standards by which sharing is determined. It is truly essential that you take the time to review and understand our Sharing Guidelines. Doing so will ensure that your expectations are appropriate. The Sharing Guidelines exist for ALL of us, so that we all understand the role medical cost sharing may play in our individual healthcare decisions. They serve as a transparent document that each of us agrees to - a document that assists us all in maintaining the freedom to make our own healthcare decisions.

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From The Eyes Of A Child

I was sitting at my desk thinking of a subject for my next newsletter article, when my 11 year old niece, Bayleigh, came to visit me. She said,” Aunt Susie, what are you doing?” “I’m thinking about what I should write for the next newsletter”, I replied. With excitement in her voice and her eyes shining like Christmas lights, she said; “I know what you can write about. Write about your skin!” I pondered about it (yes, pondered), and because she seemed to be so excited about her suggestion, I asked if she wanted to help. She sat down and began writing.

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Norman Allen - Member Story

While attending a national convention, the Liberty HealthShare team was approached by a member. This member had broken through the crowd that was standing in front of the booth, and pulled something out of his back pocket. In front of everyone in attendance there, in a voice that was above the average clamor of a convention floor, with a determined look on his face, he pulled out his Liberty HealthShare Member Card and said "You all saved my life".

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Ear Infection Guidelines: When To See A Specialist

By Elaina George, MD

Ear infections are one of the most common problems for which people go to the doctor to seek medical attention. There are three types of ear infections:

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