Meet Member Services!

We thought you might enjoy "meeting" some of the people that respond when you call or email with a question or issue regarding your membership. Remember, we are not an insurance company. We are different not only in how we share medical costs but also in how we serve our members.

Watch the video and hear firsthand how determined our Member Services department is to solve problems, answer questions and assist you in getting the care you need. Together, we ARE changing healthcare for good!

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Viewpoints From a Naturopathic Physician

Conventional thinking may not be best for YOUR health.

By Dr. Kendra Pearsall

I offer this article as a reminder to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to conventional thinking, usually emerging from academics and bureaucrats, that attempts to treat us all the same way. There are areas of agreement and substantial disagreement among the different types of physicians, as well as individual physicians, regarding the health practices outlined here. As a naturopath, I view the treatment of medical conditions and the maintenance of good health differently than allopaths (conventional medical doctors).

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Congratulation May HealthTrac Graduates!

Congratulations May HealthTrac graduates!

Graduating from HealthTrac means the member has reached the goals set with their Health Coach and has made lifestyle changes that positively impact overall health. Congratulations on your achievement!

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Welcome Dr. John Hunt!

We have good news to share with you from Liberty Healthshare. Dr. John Hunt, a member of Liberty's Physician Advisory Board, is now the Chief Medical Officer of the National Coalition of Healthcare Sharing Ministries. Dr. Hunt is also a sharing member of Liberty HealthShare.

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Exploring Your Local Farmer's Market

Have you ever shopped at a Farmer's Market? Not since the beginning of the industrial revolution has farm to table been more meaningful in our lives. Buying directly from a farmer means you are purchasing the freshest local products available while supporting a small business. It's good for you, your health and the economy!

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