Meet Health & Wellness!

Our Health and Wellness Department is here to serve members when they become ill or suffer an injury. They also counsel potential members when a pre-existing and or lifestyle related condition is a concern. Finally, they work with our HealthTrac members, following progress and confirming graduation.

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Summer Survival

No matter where in the country you live, summer is a time for family fun. What's your pleasure? The beach, the woods, barbecues, pool parties? While all of these activities are enjoyable, summertime can also mean dehydration, sunburn, exposure to the elements and heat stroke if you are not careful.

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Liberty HealthShare All-Employee Summit 2016

If you happened to call Liberty on Tuesday, June 28th, you might have heard a message that we were closed for a Ministry Summit. You might have also asked yourself, What's that for? Well I'll tell y'all! (That's a lot of 'L' in one sentence)

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Congratulations June HealthTrac Graduates!

Congratulations June HealthTrac graduates!

Graduating from HealthTrac means the member has reached the goals set with their Health Coach and has made lifestyle changes that positively impact overall health. Congratulations on your achievement!

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Healthy Tips From Sue - Can You Have A Stress Free Vacation?

Can you have a stress free vacation?

Vacations are a time where we take a break from work and other aspects of our daily life. But do they make us happier? Researchers from the Netherlands conducted a study and the conclusion of the study is: yes, vacations do make you happier but, unfortunately, for only a short period of time. They found that people tend to worry about work while on vacation or they worry about the amount of work waiting for them upon their return.

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