Live & In Person, It's Liberty HealthShare

Liberty HealthShare is always looking for opportunities to stay informed about national developments and movements that impact us as a sharing community. One of the ways we accomplish this is by strategically choosing and attending conferences that touch on healthcare, policy, and faith. These events offer us a chance to gather important information and pass it along to our members, to interact with and educate change-makers in various arenas, and to meet and hear from people just like you who are also in attendance.

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Show Your Heart Some Love This Valentine's Day

Most people know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but chocolate hearts aren’t the only ones occupying the spotlight this time of year. February also marks American Heart Month, which is a great time to commit (or recommit!) yourself to making choices that will positively impact your cardiovascular health.

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The Importance of Having a Doctor

John Hunt, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Liberty HealthShare


The last several decades have brought great advances in the science of medicine, but the art of medicine has been increasingly abandoned. However, healthsharing—if taken to heart by each and every Liberty HealthShare member and recognized for what it is—can empower the art of medicine toward rebirth. If you go to the effort of identifying a good primary care doctor for yourself and your family, you, your fellow members, and the healthcare community at large will be well served.

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Executive Director Dale Bellis' Member Update

The exponential increase we have seen in enrollments tells us we have clearly tapped into a nationwide hunger for healthcare freedom. With your continued engagement as cost-conscious consumers of healthcare, we hope to serve you and many others for years to come.

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