Managing Allergies & Asthma

John Hunt, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Liberty HealthShare


We are entering what is commonly called allergy season, so now is probably a good time to talk about managing allergies and asthma. In addition to my responsibilities as chief medical officer of Liberty HealthShare, I am an allergist/immunologist and pediatric pulmonologist, so this subject is comfortably within my area of expertise.

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Diagnosis In Childhood Asthma

by John Hunt, MD, FAAAAI

When a child with chronic respiratory symptoms gets diagnosed with asthma, often parents will think, “Finally, I know what is wrong!” Unfortunately, that’s a mistaken thought. Asthma is not a diagnosis. Although there is now a name attached, you still don’t yet know what is causing the respiratory problems.

This is important, so I will reiterate it: asthma is not a diagnosis. Rather, asthma is dysfunction in your child’s airways that can be caused by any one or more of several dozen very different potential causes. If your child has asthma, it is a reason to go searching for the underlying cause.

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