Submitting medical bills online and balance billing

If you have been a Liberty HealthShare member for a while, you might already know how to submit a bill or receipt through your online ShareBox. You also may or may not have encountered an issue with Balance Billing. For those of you who are new to Liberty, or if you simply are not familiar with these two topics, here’s a quick refresher:

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Saving Money On Prescriptions

Saving Money on Prescriptions

John Hunt, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Liberty HealthShare

You have probably noticed that prescription medications are extremely affordable in some cases, and terribly expensive in others. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Some drug prices benefit from free markets and generally free international trade, with prices dropping to nearly zero (think Walmart and all the pharmacies that followed them with their $4 low prices). These days, some antibiotics are even free. Don’t believe me? Just Google it. But for every cheap or free prescription, there are just as many or more astronomically expensive drugs out there.

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Member News - Submit A Bill Tutorial

There is a new feature in your Sharebox that allows you to submit eligible medical bills you may have received, or paid at the counter. Please watch the tutorial currently in your Sharebox. This new feature allows for an accurate and efficient way to submit your medical bills for sharing.

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Revised Guidelines Go Into Effect April 1st

Our Statement of Beliefs is fundamental to our organization and to our Sharing Guidelines. The Sharing Guidelines are an agreement among us all, that we use to steward the resources of all the members, while assuring that each member has the full opportunity to be aware of the standards by which sharing is determined. It is truly essential that you take the time to review and understand our Sharing Guidelines. Doing so will ensure that your expectations are appropriate. The Sharing Guidelines exist for ALL of us, so that we all understand the role medical cost sharing may play in our individual healthcare decisions. They serve as a transparent document that each of us agrees to - a document that assists us all in maintaining the freedom to make our own healthcare decisions.

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Your Child Can Use HealthCare Sharing While Away At College!

John F Hunt, MD

In 2011, the state of Virginia tried to block the Federal government’s overreach by passing a law that made it illegal for any individual to be compelled to purchase health insurance. Unfortunately a loophole was sewn in, one that allowed universities to demand that their students carry health insurance.

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Refer A Friend!

Refer A Friend to Liberty HealthShare

One of the most rewarding things we at Liberty HealthShare learned in September’s survey was that 30% of our members were referred by a friend or family member. This was a powerful message. We work every day to serve our members. Knowing you are so satisfied with your membership that you will refer people to us confirms we are on the right track.

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What Happens When You Have A Serious Medical Emergency?

Greg and Kathleen tell their amazing story. Watch and share!

A strong independent motorcycle rider, Greg didn't want to be forced into a healthcare plan that he wouldn't want. Like many Americans, he was faced with the option of either signing up for a plan, or paying the penalty.

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Visiting Your Doctor, What You Need To Know

What are the proper steps, as a Liberty HealthShare member, when seeing your health provider.

What do I do when I go to the Doctor? This is a common question asked by Liberty HealthShare members. For some, it’s your first time seeing a provider since joining. Others have been a member for years but haven’t had a medical need in a long time. We want to be sure that everyone understands what to do when needing to see the doctor. What should you do when presenting your Liberty HealthShare card? We also want you to be aware of the medical billing submission process, so you can feel at ease when going to your provider of choice.

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