How Our Medical Cost-Sharing Program Works

How Health Sharing Works

Take Control of Your Family’s Healthcare

Navigating today’s complex healthcare environment can be confusing. In considering the options, you’re often left wondering:

A medical cost-sharing program—often called “health sharing”—helps you take back control over your medical care and costs.

How Is a HealthSharing Program Different from Health Insurance?

Unlike health insurance, health sharing puts you in charge of your medical care. You enter into community with like-minded people who share similar health and lifestyle goals and pay a monthly share amount toward the needs of other members.

Your costs are clearly defined and easy to budget for—and, you always know exactly where your money is going. With a medical cost-sharing program, not only can you save money, but you also gain peace of mind.

As a Christian medical cost-sharing program, Liberty HealthShare requires members to sign a statement of beliefs  and follow a healthy lifestyle. We support our members and their families in their journey to better health in order to bear one another’s burdens and promote the well-being of our community.

How Does Liberty HealthShare’s Medical Cost-Sharing Program Work?

At Liberty HealthShare, we’re committed to making medical cost-sharing a simple and transparent process. It’s easy to join, track your progress, and budget for your healthcare costs.

  • Choose your program and complete the application process.
  • Make monthly share contributions through your fully secure, easy-to-use online account. See where your money goes so you can encourage the members you’re helping that month.
  • Go to your preferred doctors, specialists, and medical facilities—with Liberty HealthShare, you are not limited to a particular network.
  • Pay for medical care up to your annual unshared amount ($1,000 for single members, $1,750 for a couple, or $2,250 for a family, except for screenings and wellness visits, which are usually eligible). Liberty HealthShare negotiates lower rates for you when you submit bills through the program.
  • Submit bills over your unshared amount. With thousands of members nationwide, Liberty HealthShare members support each other’s shareable needs—up to $1 million per incident depending on the program you choose.

When it comes to healthcare spending, you have a choice. Liberty HealthShare brings clarity and simplicity to all of our medical cost-sharing programs. You’ll find support from our community as you pursue healthy habits and lifestyle choices, and learn how to be a more informed patient and consumer.

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