How We Keep Costs Down

Our Cost Control Steps

We examine costs upfront

You are in charge of your care. After all — it's your money! We give you the tools to review the treatment you receive, and you approve the costs. We invite our members to let us know ahead of time when they have a medical procedure coming up so we can help them find the best provider for their needs. We then work to eliminate unnecessary costs and procedures by helping members partner with their medical providers to evaluate their care.

We share in actual costs

We share in the actual costs incurred by our members rather than working with inflated projections. Our members approach their healthcare as self-pay patients supported by a community prepared to share in their medical needs. This helps bridge the often huge gap between patient and provider. Once your bills have been submitted, we have a team of professionals that will advocate for you with healthcare providers to keep costs fair.

We are health-conscious

We emphasize spiritual principles of wellness, health, and prevention. Health-conscious people tend to have fewer bills, lower costs, and more rapid recoveries than those who do not make their physical health a priority. By engaging in healthy lifestyles, our members take responsibility for both their personal and financial wellness.