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Letter of Introduction

Liberty HealthShare℠ is the program name of Gospel Light Mennonite Church Medical Aid Plan, Inc., which is the non-profit organization that coordinates voluntary contributions for the sharing of qualifying health care costs between members. The program is based on shared ethical and religious beliefs, a religious tradition of mutual aid, neighborly assistance, and financial sharing. The program does not share expenses resulting from behaviors and lifestyles destructive to personal health, but is specially tailored for individuals who maintain a godly lifestyle, make responsible choices in regards to health, and believe in helping others.

Members share one another’s medical expenses, and Liberty HealthShare℠ serves only to facilitate this mutual sharing, directing member’s gifts to those who have eligible expenses.

Participation is voluntary. Monthly contributions are voluntary gifts and are not refundable. Each member is a self-pay patient and they send monthly contributions to assist another member who has medical expenses. Whether anyone chooses to share in another member’s medical expenses is totally voluntary. Giving a monetary gift to assist another member in the program does not create a legally enforceable right to receive funds for healthcare expenses. Whether or not any member receives assistance from other members for medical expenses, members are always liable for their own medical expenses.

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