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Control Your Care Without Network Limitations

If you’re looking to join one of the few health sharing programs available that allows you to keep your doctor and see any specialist you choose, consider one of Liberty HealthShare’s three options.

With all of our programs, you can go to any medical provider or facility you choose—regardless of network—to receive care.

Liberty HealthShare Works Differently from Other Health Share Providers

The process couldn’t be more straightforward. Liberty HealthShare members have complete control over their medical care—from choosing providers to being savvy consumers and good stewards of their health and resources.

All three of our health share programs work the same way:

  • Choose your doctor, provider, or facility.
  • Show your Liberty HealthShare ID at the time of service.
  • Provider bills Liberty HealthShare electronically to apply discounts.
  • Once you’ve met your annual unshared amount ($1,000 for an individual, $1,750 for a couple, $2,250 for a family, regardless of your choice of Liberty HealthShare program), we deposit money (up to your program’s limit) into your online account.

Choose Your Doctor, or Find a Provider Who Already Works With Us

As our programs expand around the nation, more and more providers are familiar with Liberty HealthShare. Providers appreciate the transparency and simplicity of our system, and our members often see quicker processing with providers and facilities that understand our process.

Use this directory to find a doctor, specialist, or medical facility that understands how to work with health share programs, including those offered by Liberty HealthShare. Getting too many results? Filter your search by provider name, location, or specialty.

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